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The Spanish Journal of Prison Health provides a voice for the Spanish Society for Prison Health.

The quarterly journal was founded by the society in 1998, and accepts for publication any research work concerning basic, clinical or health care issues on any aspect of health and the sciences that is related to or is of interest to health. It is aimed at health professionals who work with prisoners and sets out to disseminate research work in the aforementioned fields that is conducted in prisons.

The Journal is currently presented on paper (available by subscription) and also in digital format, which can be accessed with no charge.

The paper format of the Journal is published in Spanish, but, with the aim of giving it a higher profile, all the contents of the the digital format of the Journal (www.resp.es) have been available in Spanish and English since 2010. This facilitates access for a larger number of professionals and institutions and exponentially increases the importance of the publication.

Since March 2007 the Journal has been indexed in the SCIELO digital platform, offering an important consultation channel for the Spanish-speaking scientific community. Since January 2011 the Journal has been indexed in MEDLINE of the National Library of Medicine (USA), the largest medical bibliography database in the world.